DyeMansion Powershot S

DyeMansion Powershot S

The leading blasting system for end-use parts with a superior finish

Achieve great looking parts with the Powershot S

The automated mechanical Powershot S is the most efficient process on the market to achieve the best end-use part finish. The solution delivers a unique matt-glossy look and pleasant haptics for the majority of 3D printed end-use applications. It does not remove any material and works perfectly for hard plastics like PA12 or PA11 across all geometries. With a cycle time of only 10 minutes and a capacity of a mid–sized build job per run, the Powershot S works very cost-effectively.

Using the automated PolyShot Surfacing, instead of time-consuming abrasive methods like tumbling, increases your productivity and part quality significantly.

Efficient surfacing technology for end-use parts

The Powershot S is based on a technology called PolyShot Surfacing, PSS.

By shooting beads accelerated with compressed air equalizes the peaks and lows of the surface, achieving a more homogenous part quality.

The pores are closed during the process and the result is a significantly improved, uniform surface.

This is particularly important for further processing steps, such as chemical dyeing techniques in a water bath. The dyes are taken up much more homogenous from the base material.

Why choose DyeMansion Powershot S?

  • Fast and efficient with consistent matt or glossy results
  • Reduce equipment footprint
  • Reduce manual labour cost and time
  • Best end-use finish and key to maximum coloring results

Features of DyeMansion Powershot S

  • 5-15 minutes variable cycle time
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • High performance nozzles


"Vi håber at blive en robotsucces på linje med de andre vi har set i Odense. Vi vil gerne ud og bidrage til en grønnere fødevareproduktion over hele verden. "

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