HP Jet Fusion 5200

HP Jet Fusion 5200

Unleash new growth and scale your production with HP's workhorse for digital manufacturing.

HP MJF 5200 – tailor made for volume production

Following the success of the production solution 4200, the Jet Fusion 5200 enables you to ramp up production with the world’s most advanced 3D printing solution.

The 5200 series offers manufacturing predictability, breakthrough economics and an unprecedented and expanding portfolio of professional materials. Based on the patented Multi Jet Fusion technology, printed parts can be controlled down to individual voxels.

Print functional parts with maximum quality

Experience seamless 3D printing with the 5200, designed for mass production.
It delivers top-notch detail, crisp edges, and rich textures in every part. Plus, its stellar isotropy ensures consistent quality.
Thanks to its sturdy components and preventive maintenance, you can trust it to work non-stop, backed by our premium support.

Don’t worry about print times – the 5200 keeps them consistent, no matter the part.
Its streamlined workflow and cost-effective continuous printing set it apart. Enjoy automated materials mixing, an enclosed processing station, and a natural cooling unit for a hassle-free process.

Expand your application scope with the 5200’s impressive accuracy and economical benefits.
Their wide-ranging materials portfolio, including HP 3D High Reusability PA 11 and PA 12, caters to various markets and applications.
For flexibility, try the TPU material. The materials portfolio grows continually, to enable you to target new industry applications and verticals.

How does it works?

Watch the video below and see how the Jet Fusion 5200 works

HP Jet Fusion 5200 full set of machines

Why choose HP Jet Fusion 5200?

  • Produce parts with the accuracy and repeatability of injection molding
  • Ramp up existing production with a solution designed for production runs in the tens of thousands of parts
  • Integrated and user-friendly end-to-end industrial 3D printing solution
  • Ideal for mid-volume production environments


  • Technology: HP Multi Jet Fusion technology (MJF)
  • Build volume: 380 x 284 x 380 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.08 mm
  • Materials: PA11, PA12, PA 12 GB, HP 3D HR PP enabled by BASF4, BASF Ultrasint 3D TPU

Read all the specifications here

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Medical helmet 3D printed in an HP MJF 5420W

White parts

HP Stand out with its capability to produce consistently high-quality white parts.

The HP Jet Fushion series versatility makes it an ideal choice for
sectors including:

  • automotive,
  • consumer goods,
  • healthcare, and industrial manufacturing.

Read more about it here

Sample part from HP MJF 5200

Order a sample part

Get a feel for the exceptional precision of Jet Fusion technology with our sample part. Crafted with an HP MJF 5200 using grey PA12, it showcases the intricate detail this technology can achieve.


  • Material: PA12
  • Print time: Just 6 mins/part (192 parts per build)

    Experience the quality firsthand – order your sample today
Karten Friis Hansen, CEO NextTech

“The MJF 5200 fits perfectly in NEXTTECH’s setup, as our member companies are mainly focusing on high volumes.

With the installation here at NEXTTECH, we can give our members the possibility to test this new technology.”

Karsten Friis Hansen, CEO NextTech

Read the full interview here

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