VisiJet M2 ICast Material

Metal Casting / Wax

VisiJet M2 ICast Material

VisiJet® M2 ICast Material – Green

Fitting seamlessly into existing foundry workflows, this new 100% wax 3D printing material delivers repeatable, high quality patterns at high speed for direct investment casting of industrial components.

VisiJet® M2 ICast RealWax™ 3D printing material is a new unfilled paraffin based wax with added resins for the ProJet® MJP 2500 IC wax printer, delivering high quality and accuracy patterns for reliable performance and results throughout existing investment casting processes and equipment. Its high contrast green color allows for easy fine details visualization. This new MJP 3D printing solution enables the production of hundreds of small to medium-size patterns more quickly and less expensively compared to the time and cost to build and run a traditional injection tool.

3,280.00 DKK