API Fundamentals

API Fundamentals

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API Fundamentals

SOLIDWORKS eCourses are complete courses converted from the SOLIDWORKS training manuals into self-paced e-learning. The courses employ professional-quality design, guided practice, offline exercises, and highly interactive content.

The goal of API Fundamentals course is to introduce you to the SOLIDWORKS Application Programming Interface (API). The API is used to automate redundant and lengthy design tasks using SOLIDWORKS software and to create completed engineering applications that can run both inside and outside of the SOLIDWORKS application.

Students taking this course are expected to have mechanical design experience. In addition, they should have completed the course SOLIDWORKS Basic Training, have experience with the Windows operating system and Visual Basic.

With this eCourse you will get 12 lessons

Course length: 14 hours 15 min

  • Using the Macro Recorder
  • Understanding the API Object Model (1 of 2)
  • Understanding the API Object Model (2 of 2)
  • Setting System Options and Document Properties
  • Automating Part Design
  • Automating Assembly Design

  • Automating Drawing Development
  • Using Selection and Traversal Techniques
  • Adding Custom Properties and Attributes
  • Installing and Using the SOLIDWORKS API SDK
  • Customizing the SOLIDWORKS User Interface
  • Understanding Notifications

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